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Our websites when compared to other sites of this caliber…

Require 8x

less client involvement

to create

Just 5 hours of your time–compared with, typically, 40 hours

Are 3x


$3,000–rather than, typically, $9,000+

Are 5x


to create and launch

Only 3 weeks to create–rather than, typically, 15 weeks

Is your current website outdated, even embarrassing maybe? Need a new website but feel it will be A LOT of effort and time and cost you an arm & a leg to get it done? Combining 25 years of strategic design with the time-saving advantages of AI, we can now offer award-winning websites for only $3,000, that only require 5 hours of your time and will be live within 3 weeks. Compared to pre-AI assisted sites, that’s a saving of $6,000 and 32 hours of your time, and pushed live in 5 times quicker.
Content for websites (text and images) always takes a long time to create and can hold up a website from going live (it doesn’t matter if it’s a $3,000 or a 300,000 site). We use AI to circumnavigate this issue by creating amazing sales-focused text and engaging visuals. It’s important to remember that AI is the starting point; everything is still custom-refined by Matt and his team to ensure it is accurate, unique for your business and will easily sell your product or service. Because of the time-saving advantages, we can deliver the site from the initial meeting to push the site live in only three weeks.

Our process

Step 1:

Let’s have a chat and make sure we’re the best fit for you. 

Step 2:

Sign-up online, answer a quick ten minute questionnaire and pay a deposit (70% is paid upfront via an online secure payment system and 30% is paid on completion).

Step 3:

Content meeting. Meet Matt via video call for 90 minutes. During this we will go through the content for every page of the site.

You may need to collate and send some more content to us after this call. Approximately 30-90 minutes of your time is needed for this step.

Step 4:

Matt shows you the sitemap (an outline of the pages on the site), wireframes (an outline of the content per page of the site), and design moodboards (the colours, graphic style, fonts etc.) for review and approval. Approximately 45 minutes of your time is needed for this step.

Step 5:

Matt shows you the programmed website on a development server. Minor tweaks are made. Approximately 60 minutes of your time is needed for this step.

Step 6:

The site is launched.

Why hire us

1. We bring 25 years of understanding target audiences to make sure what you say on your website speaks to your audience, making them want you or your service

2. It is efficient and, therefore, fast; three weeks and you are done, your site is up and running, and you are looking and sounding amazing online

3. Most sites consume hours and hours of a client’s precious time (40+ hours), becoming a real distraction from their work. Our new AI-assisted workflow has this reduced to only 5 hours

4. It’s super affordable for all small companies, only $3,000.

Why is a new website important?

What’s included in the $3K

Add ons


Need some extra functionality or peace of mind? See what you need below. If you need something unique that is not listed below, please contact us.

Additional website pages 

10 pages are included in the $3,000. Most companies will need the following pages
1) Home
2) About
3) Services or Products
4) Contact
5) Privacy Policy/Terms of Service
6) Sitemap (great for Google to find your site)
7) 404 page (if people type in the wrong website address or there is a broken page, they are directed to this page, which helps them get to where they want to go)

Pages 8-10 are for any unique content that pertains to your business, industry, or audience (could be a blog, a career page, about your audience, community giving back, etc.).

$250 per additional page.

Monthly maintenance and revision time
We want you to have peace of mind that your site will always be there when your potential clients and employees go to it. Like a car, a website needs servicing to ensure that it works well. We check the site on a monthly basis. This includes all the links, the content, and the page speed, ensuring the site is in optimal health and nothing has ‘gone wrong’ with it.

We also offer revision time for clients who need it. Every month, you’ll get one hour of revisions to your site, which is great for those clients who are too busy or worried that if they make the changes themselves, they will mess things up. Think of this as similar to insurance; it is there when you need it the most. (Note: usable for anything and is bankable for up to three months).

We group these services as they go hand in hand.

$250 per month.

Your monthly blog content written
Blogs are a great way to rank higher when people Google your services. They show search engines that you are an expert in your field and, therefore, that you are ‘worthy’ of being shown before your competition. That said, blogs take a lot of time to create and, if you are busy, do you have time to add one more thing to your to-do list? This is why we offer to manage this content for you.

This includes research, writing, your review and approval, finding imagery to accompany the post, and posting it live to the website. It is a lot of work to create this content and this reflected in the costs.

1 x 400-600-word blog post a month: $500 per month.

2 x 400–600-word blog post a month $1,000 per month.

Got things to sell? Either products or digital files? We can add a shop to your site, connect it with your payment processing company, set up taxes and shipping and populate it with the first 10 products. After that, you can either populate the rest of the products onto the site (we will send you a video tutorial on how to do this) or we can manage that for you for an additional fee,

Setting up the e-commerce shop: $500.
Adding more products (beyond the initial 10): $25 per product.

Monthly social media creation and posting
Need someone to take care of creating social media for you? This includes research, creating the writing and images, and posting it to your various social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, etc.). It is a lot of work to create this content and this is reflected in the costs.

1 post per week: $500 per month.

2 posts per week: $1,000 per month.

If you want to Boost one of these posts or turn one into a paid ad, there will be additional ad spend fees that are paid directly to, for example, Facebook.

Marketing landing pages
Need a specific landing page for your marketing campaign?

Landing pages achieve higher conversion rates because they concentrate on a single objective or call to action, offering detailed information about a particular product or promotion. With restricted navigation options, their straightforward design helps keep visitors zeroed in on the target, minimizing distractions from extraneous links that could lead them off the page.

$300 per landing page.

Additional languages

Need your site in a different language? We can add Google Translate to your site.

$350 per website.



Advanced monthly search engine optimization (SEO)

The goal of SEO is to have you rank higher when your audience is looking for you and your type of services and products. We set up your $3000 site with SEO elements so it can put its ‘best foot forward’. But, if you rely on people finding you online when searching for your services, and you have a lot of competition locally, then you may want to consider an advanced SEO strategy and execution service.


PART ONE: STRATEGY (month one deliverable)

Our strategy report and recommendations include

  • Your backlink profile, which focuses on the quality and quantity of external sites linking to yours
  • Your content, which includes keyword targeting, keyword integration, content usefulness, and more
  • Your user experience, which includes page speed, usability, mobile-friendliness, and more



Monthly SEO and analytics give you the insights and tools you need to get the most out of your website and parallel marketing strategy activities. Here is what is included in the package

  • Google Analytics data analysis
  • Thorough monthly analytics reporting
  • Content and performance improvement recommendations
  • Keyword research and recommendations
  • Backlink strategy recommendations
  • Onsite SEO for pages, posts, and videos (including YouTube description)
  • Onsite SEO monitoring and reporting, and recommendations for fixes
  • Adjustments to your site content and social media posts

SEO is a process. We suggest launching your site and then waiting for three months as it takes time for search engines to scan your website and work out how you compare to other companies. At that point, if SEO is part of your marketing plan for accruing new clients, maybe our advanced monthly search engine optimization (SEO) services will be a good fit.


Month one (strategy research and recommendation plan): $5,000

Ongoing monthly: $800 per month.

OFFER: Sign a one-year contract, and we will complete the SEO strategy (worth $5,000) as your

month one deliverable.



If you need something unique that is not listed above, please contact us.


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